lpg alarm

lpg alarm


User Guide
Gas Detector
1.       Modes of Operation :
                                I.             Independent Mode: When the detector used independently, it produces a sound and light alarm.
                              II.            Compatible Modes: The detector can also be connected in one of the following five modes.
·         Wired network
·         Wireless network
·         Electromagnetic valve
·         Wireless network and exhaust fan
·         Wireless network with electromagnetic valve
If properly used, the Gas detector automatically monitors levels of gases in the atmosphere surrounding it and can be effective in preventing fire caused by flammable liquid petroleum gas leaks.
  1. Specifications:
    1. Power supply:   110VAC ?        ?220VAC?       ?230VAC?         ?240VAC?       ? + Backup 7.2v Li-Battery.
    2. Sensor: Semiconductor type sensor
    3. Static current: ≤ 40mA
    4. Alarm current: ≤ 150mA
    5. Static consumption: ?1W
    6. Alarm consumption ?3W
    7. Alarm volume: ≥ 80dB
    8. Working environment?
·         Temperature?0ºC - 60ºC
·         Humidity: ≤ 97%RH
    1. Alarm density: Liquid petroleum gas: 1000ppm - 5000ppm
    2. Natural gas :1000ppm-10000ppm
    3. Responding recovery time: ≤30S
    4. Li-Battery capacity:1200mha,battery mode :about 24 hours
    5. Detachable shut off valve wire.
 Fitting Locations:
        I.            Liquid petroleum gases have a specific gravity that is heavier than air, so they sink down on the bottom of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to install the alarm 30cm above the floor at a distance of about 1 meter away from the gas appliance.While the Natural gas is higher than air,so the gas detector is recommend to install on the wall which 30cm below the ceilling.or on the wall directly.
      II.            Strict attention must be paid to the following:
a.       Do not face the detector towards oil, smoke and   steam given off by the cooker.
b.      Do not install it by the air supply such as a window or vent.
c.        Do not place it in an area obstructed by a curtain or cabinet
d.      Do not install it at an area with heavy vapor, such as washing machine room.
    III.            Wiring:
*****The Yellow, Blue and White wires only need to be connected if you intend to trigger an external device such as a siren or monitoring system******
a.       Red wire = Positive power input. This wire must be connected to a permanent 220v AC positive source.
b.      Black wire = Negative power input. This wire must be connected to a permanent 220v AC negative source.
c.       Yellow wire = Relay (Common) COM contact.
d.      Blue wire = Relay (Normally open) NO contact.
e.      White wire = Relay Normally closed) NC contact.
If you are connecting an exhaust fan to the detector, connect both blue and yellow wires to the exhaust switch.
1.       Start work

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